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Install EEC Wallet

This wallet is compatible with Ethereum tokens of EOS standard.

Open menu in Browser (Chrome or Firefox) to “Get new Extention”. Search and select MetaMask extension. Install the extension (create a password, and most importantly – don’t forget to save 12 secret words). Congratulations! You’ve got an e-wallet. Now You can use it to buy EEC.


Enter EEC Gateway

Initializing gateway is necessary to get Smart Contract

Go to “Buy EEC” web-page, use Your active email and click “Get EEC”. You will receive a confirmation email. Click on link in the message to get transferred to cryptocurrency processing gateway. Use Your Own e-wallet address (see previous step) and press “Send”. You will enter EEC Buyers Gateway.

Sign EEC Smartcontract

Initializing EEC smartcontract tokens in e-wallet

Open e-wallet, find “Token” tab and press “Add Token”. Enter Smartcontract Address (get by clicking the link).


Fund the Gateway

You need to replenish Gateways address for currency exchangecryptocurrency

Transfer Ethereum or Bitcoin from Your e-wallet to the Gateways address (in gateway you will see “processed” operation). Now Gateway is funded and You can buy EEC.

Lets Enjoy the Eesty Coin

After the mentioned exchange operation you will be a full owner of EEC

Click on “Claim” tab in the gateway. Then press “Get EEC” and You will see “the transfer successfully” message. At the left side widget You will see the proof of clamed EEC.


Congratulations! Ready to buy EEC