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EEC Investment Plan

Most people are looking for secure investment opportunities that will ensure enough income to live a good life.

The world economy, finance, and technology are changing in days, not years. There are thousands of investment opportunities. It can be difficult to understand what is worth investing in and what isn’t. Most people have no idea how money works and from where the returns come.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence and blockchain have entered almost every sphere of life and business. Artificial intelligence is used in banks, stock exchanges, corporate customer support, and global companies (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.). The world’s central banks have decided to switch to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

Just as the Fiat money system is old and outdated, so are investment models in funds and stock exchanges. Today, artificial intelligence is increasingly traded on stock exchanges and foreign exchange markets.

Eesty Coin has a special investment product AI/EEC. This product offers one year, monetized opportunity through blockchain and artificial intelligence trading. Artificial Intelligence earns 2% interest per month on the money invested. The investment is backed by Eesty Coin, a cryptocurrency based on an EOS blockchain. You can withdraw your interest every day. We pay interest also in USDT(Tether), BTC(bitcoin), ETH(ethereum). The company returns the core investment, plus any interest earned, to the investor in a valid currency or USDT.

Why Eesty Coin?

Because Eesty Coin is a stable coin with a native blockchain in the EOS system, that protects your investment even when Fiat money is no longer valid in the world.

Thanks to the Eesty Coin, we can offer an investment plan with increasing value.

You can choose the size of your first down payment. Your investment earns 2% passive interest per month. You can reinvest your profit, and add more money any time. You can withdraw 100% of your passive income each day.