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What is Eesty Coin?

New Eesty Coin is a native coin of EESTY BLOCKCHAIN based on EOS technology. This technology gives several advantages from the old one EEC based on Ethereum ERC20:- Smart contract is a law!

Eesty EOS-based blockchain has nothing hardcoded as in Ethereum blockchain. In Eesty Blockchain all of the functionalities are ruled by smart-contracts.
These smart contracts are open to review, cause we’ve nothing to hide from you – Free of charge forever!
There are no transaction fees! You can transfer, acquire coins, review your balance at no price forever – Making payments at the speed of thought! There no more time to wait – the ultra-fast blocks generation lets you transfer coins at supersonic speed up to 500 ms – Stability instead of volatility.

Having a brand new EOS based private blockchain, we provide stable EEC secured from any market speculators and crisis.

Technical Specification

Total Supply

8 Billion

Total Supply




Ticker Name

EEC Token

Ticker Name

EEC Wallet

Install the EEC Wallet to your smartphone Steps

  1. Send an email to and ask for the private key.
  2. Go to browser settings and delete junk app and all the site-related info.
  3. Close and reopen your browser, Chrome or Safari
  4. After you open your browser type into your address string
  5. You see there EEC App wallet. Click Install. Be sure that the logo is a golden coin with a white lion.
  6. Enter Private key
  7. Set the PIN code. You have to create the PIN (more than 4 symbols/letters/numbers)
  8. If you are not Merchant, please do not add more info there, just click “submit”
  9. Tap on Submit

Creator of EEC

Veiko Huuse

CEO/Founder of Eesty Coin